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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  April 1, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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ance to look at it. nonetheless, new jersey senator, robert menendez will be facing federal corruption charges including eight counts of bribery plus conspiracy and fraud charges, federal prosecutors say he accepted gifts from a long-time friend, a florida eye doctor in exchange for preferential government treatment. they say the senator lobbied for that doctor in a number of medicare billing disputes worth millions of dollars while also lobbying to get the girlfriend of that doctor visa applications. the fbi is looking into other charges. in return, federal prosecutors say menendez was given a number of gifts, flights on private jets dominican vacations a hotel room in paris, and a $750,000 campaign donation. prosecutors say menendez did not report those gifts. here in south jersey some constituents say they're skeptical. >> certainly innocent until
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proven guilty. this is more retaliation for him standing up to president obama on issues like israel. >> he's denying all of the allegations. they would not take this course of action unless they had something specific to charge him with. >> the new jersey star ledger just wrote an editorial calling on menendez to resign. sources say he will temporarily step down as the ranking member of the senate foreign relations committee, but as for his senate seat, we'll have to wait to see what he says at the press conference in newark in an hour. live in barrington camden county randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> coming up at 7:00 you can watch his remarks live on the nbc 10 news app. a horse owner in philadelphia is under investigation after the spca says his animals were living in
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unacceptable conditions. rosemary connors joins us from southwest philadelphia. there's some activity right now? >> reporter: as you can see, a police officer with the spca and the owner of the horses are back out here at scene. they're trying to figure something out in this case because the horses can no longer stay here. the spca calls the conditions deplorable and unsafe. >> the rain and snow, they're out here in the rain and snow. they don't have no shelter. it's horrible. >> reporter: it's not the physical conditions of the threes that concern neighbors and the pennsylvania spca. it's where they're living. this lot on grays avenue which to animal cruelty investigators looks more like a junkyard than a stable. >> i'm looking for some help. >> reporter: i put the owner in touch with investigators of the phone. he must find a suitable shelter for the animals or the spca will take them. he had high hopes for the horses. >> i'm trying to make it an academy so the kids at the day
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care up here can come feed the horses. >> that is animal cruelty. something needs to be done. that's sad. it stinks right here. >> reporter: we spoke to neighbors who have said these horses should not be here. >> it does look bad. i agree want to take them somewhere. i don't like having them here. but i'm only one person. >> reporter: this not the first time that the owner, derek hamm and the spca have encountered each other. the spca said they warned the owner in the past to clean up the space, but he tells us he's just one person and needs ss some help. the spca is working to get a search warrant. the horses are coming out of here but they are hoping the owner can find another place for them to go so he can still keep them. reporting live in southwest philadelphia rosemary connors, nbc 10. 13 dogs a goose and a python, those are some of the animals that were confiscated from a home in trenton. police say they found a total of 29 animals, many were living in
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cages filled with waste. the owners told animal control they were trying to rescue them but officers say they will face charges. he could have killed us all. those are the words of a fire fighter held hostage in montgomery county. he and his colleagues are sharing their story on what it was like to be trapped in the basement of their own firehouse. deanna despite what happened the firefighters says they forgive their alleged captor? >> they do. they say they spent over an hour down in the basement of this fire department with him as he held them at gun point, had them sit along a wall a wall that he fired a shot into. last night when he called at the fire department they answered the phone. >> he called here last night. >> reporter: lamont fire company president mark logan doesn't want his face shown, but he says when paul jordan called the fire dpd last night, he didn't hesitate to talk to. >> we still love him.
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i will there to help him. >> not too many people can say they still love him and take a call from him. >> when you serve a guy who gives gives me many chances, i have to do the same. >> reporter: one fire lieutenant told me when the lives of his fellow firefighters were on the line, he made the hard choice to run, go for it and get help. >> kicked the door open the darted out the door. >> reporter: the men say the ordeal began yesterday when 25-year-old paul jordan showed up a day after being terminated from the department. >> came in angry, thinking there was no reason for him to live anymore. so then he got mad, he shot a shot inside the wall which was about six inches from one of our guys. >> reporter: logan says jordan didn't appear to be himself. >> if he wanted to he could kill us all. >> reporter: he didn't that's because logan said the men kept their cool and hostage
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negotiators got him to surrender. >> he wasn't himself. he is not that type of person. he would give the shirt off his back to anybody. >> reporter: jordan is receiving a mental health evaluation. investigators say they're determining what charges to file against him. the fire department here we're told, should be up and running again answering fire calls by 8:00 tomorrow morning. reporting live in elkins park deanna durante, nbc 10 news. new information on a deadly chester county plane crash. police have identified the victims. they are 67-year-old richard poch of west chester and joseph beal of drexel hill. they were flying on that piper pa 28 cherokee before it crashed near brandywine airport. the pilot lost control of the plane before it went down in west goshen township. both of the victims were pilots. they were conducting a flight review at time of the crash. new information about a sinkhole affecting traffic on a major road in montgomery county. penndot officials says the
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existing bridge on plymouth road will not reopen and has to be replaced. penndot is examining the activity to design a new foundation. in six days the candidates for philadelphia mayor on the democratic side will face off in their first debate. but tonight one of those candidates is fighting off another attempt to kick him off the ballot. today we spoke with milton street about this challenge to his candidacy. >> there is no legal basis for him to do this. >> so you live in philadelphia. you are not an independent. >> the courts said that i live in philadelphia. the courts said i'm eligible to be on the ballot. >> reporter: former state senator milton street says he plans to be on the ballot for mayor of philadelphia regardless of an appeal to overturn the judge's ruleing that saved his run for city hall. street says another candidate is behind it all. >> it's a way to tie me up from one of the other candidates who don't want me on the ballot. >> you are talking about anthony williams? >> talking about anthony
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williams and his whole. >> reporter: pennsylvania state senator anthony williams says he has nothing to do with it. >> terms of milton street god speed's to him. if he survives the challenge so be it. i'm not the person filing the challenge. i've known him for a long time. i have great respect and admiration for him and have campaigned on his behalf on certain occasions. >> what would expect him to say? that's what he's supposed to say. i know differently. >> reporter: the lawyer filing the appeal said he did it on behalf of a private citizen, not on behalf of anthony williams. the next step happens monday when the lawyers have to file their briefs. all six democratic candidates will be taking part in next week's debate on nbc 10 at the kimmel center. you can watch it live here starting at 7:00. from our delaware bureau wilmington police are giving advice on how to cut crime. they hired a consultant who found police don't do enough
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patrols, spend too much on overtime and are not proactive about fighting crime. in 2014, 118 people were shot in wilmington. only four homicides were closed or solved. the group recommended a new hom and violent crime unit. that would improve the numbers and the department's response to victims. from our south jersey bureau, get ready for a new playground in atlantic city. the old pier shops at caesars will become the playground. philadelphia developer bart blatsstein unvalid his plans today. philadelphia develop, bart blatsteen paid $207 million for the complex. he's renaming it the playground. the first floor will be modeled after nashville's music row, beal street in memphis and it will be named p. street and include six live music venues. its detective water fountains will be ripped out and a performance venue called 39n will accommodate 2,000 fans a concert venue, bowling alley, sports bar and retail shops are included and space for private event rentals. this won't fail. i have never failed in my career. i have never picked an that didn't turn around.
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>> the redevelopment will add 500 new jobs to the 400 existing jobs. makes me feel so much more independent. >> helping the blind and visually impaired enjoy tv in a new way. the new device that's enhancing their entertainment experience. and it's what we've been waiting for and it will finally arrive. a warm day with sunshine. all the details in my first alert forecast and the next chance for rain.
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the montgomery county coroner says the couple found dead in their homes from chainsaw injuries died as a result of murder-suicide. nbc 10 went to the house on country lane this morning but no one answered the door. investigators say cristhristopher peppleman killed his wife with the chainsaw before killing himself. their 14-year-old son found their bodies yesterday afternoon. police officers in gloucester county will have new rules to follow when it comes to responding emergencies. ing maystarting may 1st, the gloucester county prosecutor is requiring lights and sirens when going over 20 miles per hour. police officers and
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advocates are launching a new fight against distracted driving. this month officers in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware are boosting the number of tickets issued to people for texting while driving. the dupont children's hospital offered a simulation today to show the dangers. >> it's more important for the changing of a culture that we bring awareness to the issue. >> in pennsylvania you can still hold a phone to your ear while you drive, but hands free laws exist in delaware and new jersey. a new jersey university has canceled its commencement speaker after complains from state police. the rapper common was going to deliver the address at duquesnecane university in union county. he won an award for composing the song to "selma." but it's another song from 15 years ago that police object ed to to, it was about about killing a state trooper in 1973 she is
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currently in cuba. police say common painted a sympathetic picture of a cop killer. we all enjoy sitting on our couch watching a game or a newscast. >> that's right. thanks to a new device from comcast that experience will get better for the 8 million blind or vision impaired people in the united states. >> you guys like x1? >> yeah. all right. cool. >> comcast x1 talking guide is a hit with the audience that matters the most. this group of young people at the overbrook school for the blind. >> like the idea of talking into the remote telling it what channel to go to. >> it allows us blind people or visually impaired to have an advantage over technology so that we can navigate this system by ourselves. >> this big button there. >> after getting familiar with the airrrows on the remote, the
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voice command tells you what to do. it had the world premiere at academy awards in the comcast documentary emily zaas. emily who is blind, talks about what she sees when she watches her favorite movie "the "wizard of oz."" the team helped develop and design x1. the goal is to enhance the viewing experience for people like emily and himself. >> as a person who is blind myself the fact that you have to ask somebody to do some sort of a task like turn the tv channel. >> tom speaks the language. we don't have to sell our needs that way. tom understands. >> he says that technology has the power to level the playing field when it's truly accessible to everyone. >> makes me feel so much more independent. >> comcast, of course is the parent company of nbc 10. their audio enhanced service comes at no additional cost.
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quite a change from this time yesterday when we had rain in some places even some snow. but we have another day with some breeze. tomorrow is going to be kind of breezy, so is saturday. a big warm up though that breeze is going to change things. we are also tracking rain and thunderstorms. starting to feel a bit more like baseball weather. the season opens on monday. looks decent for the weather there. 56 degrees down to 12q5l15v miles per hour. it was gusting higher than that. today we got up to 56. 64 tomorrow. 70 on friday. then we go back down to 55 on saturday. so we get a couple of days above average. actually one of them will be a sunny day with temperatures above average. we have not seen that. temperatures in the low to mid 50s right now. 41 at mount pocono some of the
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pocono mountain places got up to four inches of snow yesterday. 56 here but 65 in cincinnati. 75 in nashville. 82 in des moines. you think there's some warm air getting ready to come? yeah, all we have to have is the right wind direction. lots of sunshine today, the moisture building in theal of the country will affect us friday. temperatures tonight, not going down by a whole lot. clear skies, it's an indication that the atmosphere is warming up. if you don't have any kind of clouds and it's not that cold yeah, that southwest wind is helping us there. and that southwest wind is going to push temperatures well into the 60s during the day tomorrow. except at the shore. wind coming in off that cold ocean. here comes showers, generally for early friday morning. look at these temperatures. thursday night into friday morning, near 60. few showers in the morning.
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some more in the afternoon. does not look like it will rain all day. the temperature several computer models suggest it could get up to 70 degrees in many parts of the area. what about on monday for the phillies? it won't get to 706789. not much of a wind. the temperature, not too bad, in the 50s for this time of the year. that's okay. we have had really lousy weather for phillies games in april in the past. we will settle for that. clear and chilly overnight for the low. during the day tomorrow, sunny, warmer day. still windy, though. 10 to 20 gusting to 30 miles per hour. the seven-day forecast there's that 70 degrees on friday. we have that drying wind on saturday so it's basically dry over the weekend, but for easter sunday, it's starting off a bit
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on the cool side in the 30s at 6:00 a.m. sunrise services getting started. 9:00 a.m., 45. noon, 53. and it's dry, pretty sunny during the day. then on monday for the phillies looking pretty decent too. highs up near 60. then getting warmer tuesday and wednesday. thanks. i'm john clark an eagles player is surprised the birds did not get more back in of chip kelly's trades. that's all next.
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i'm john clark. cole hamels with his final start today in clear water. but chase utley steals the show. his bat is smoking right now chase with two homers again today. he two homers in his last game. so he leads the phillies with four homers in the spring. cole looking good in the final tune up. gives up one earned run in six innings. phils win 9-2. next time for cole it's for real. all that work you put in during spring you want to make sure you have it done so when it does matter and the season starts you're confident and comfortable in the type of position, so that when the situations come up you can make the plays, get the outs help your team win the ball game. >> the phillies sent miguel alfredo gonzalez to aaa. he to clear waivers so no other team wanted him. the $12 million man is a minor leaguer. ken giles was forced to leaf yesterday's game with a mild back strain. it is unlikely he will have to
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go on the disabled list but he may not be ready for the home opener. imagine the april fools' day that chip kelly could have had if he waited until today to make all his moves. nobody would have believed it. eagles safety malcolm jenkins talked about the trade saying he wasn't sprayed chip traded la lasean, but he is surprised the birds didn't get more from buffalo from the deal. >> we were not surprised by the trade, but we were more surprised it was a player for player. we thought we would have gotten more. >> kio plus -- >> or somebody else just for a player or player. that was a little shocking. >> interesting. most of us take our cell phones everywhere we go. but what if you were boxing? look at boxer marvin jones on the right here. his cell phone drops out of his pocket during a fight.
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l.o.l. waiting for an important text or something here? look at that. if only he had an otter box, and he did lose the fight. hopefully he it on airplane mode at least. back to you. >> what was that john? oh sorry, i was on my cell phone. thank. for a look at what's coming up tonight at nbc 10 news at 11:00, a man knocked out cold on septa, and tonight police say they have their suspect. the high-tech method that helped them crack the case. out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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jim kenney. son of a firefighter. first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead.
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we work weekends here. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at
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i think the weather is moving in the right direction. >> finally. >> it's about time. wouldn't you say? >> mm-hmm. >> i would say. sunshine today. temperatures still below average. tomorrow we'll have sunshine and temperatures above average. we haven't seen that i think, in forever. >> look at friday. >> friday up near 7. it's going to rain. >> eh. >> we'll get rain friday. saturday and sunday look dry. monday looks basically fordry for
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the phillies. >> thunderstorms friday almost like summer weather. >> thanks for watching. i'm renee chenault-fattah. st on this wednesday night, cheating scandal. one of the biggest in american history. teachers and administrators found guilty of secretly changing test scores for thousands of students raising questions about the pressure not just on students but on teachers to measure up. running out of water, the worst drought in a thousand years. tonight, an unprecedented crackdown. millions of homeowners and businesses ordered to cut back in a big way. is it for real? the alleged video recording of the final seconds onboard that plane as the airline's boss refuses to answer our questions. and severe outbreak. massive hailstorms hail the size of baseballs. tonight, how they formed so big as a big part of the country faces a dangerous night ahead. "nightly news"


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